It’s Phoenix Time

“Are you excited Miss Kaylee?” Is a question I have been asked numerous times throughout this last month. To answer the question, of course I am, but there is more to it than just being excited.

I wake up every morning with a smile and a plan. “What’s going on at Phoenix today?”, is always my first thought. There have been many different people in and out of Phoenix within the last few weeks, putting all of the finishing touches on our beautiful building! The front desk is almost completed, the final pieces of the flooring come in this week, the speaker system will be in soon, everything is happening! But then what’s next?

Phoenix comes alive! From the deepest parts of my heart, Phoenix Elite Dance Company is rising! Our Grand Opening happens on June 16th. Inferno Elite Auditions are on June 22nd. Phoenix Performers dance at the Strawberry Festival on June 30th. Rising from the ashes with the most beautiful flames in tow, there will be no stopping. It’s Phoenix time!!! Are you ready to rise?!

~Miss Kaylee

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