Rising As One

As I sit here and watch these girls practice for the Strawberry festival, 3 days before our GRAND OPENING, thousands of things are running through my mind. 

Love. Love is definitely one of them. I love this life, I love this building, I love the family atmosphere we are all building. I love it all. But its only just begun!

I feel such an incredible sense of joy watching just these girls dance, I don’t even know how I’m going to contain my excitement as this studio continues to truly grow. My heart is filled with so much warmth and gratitude it’s unexplainable. 

With that being said, thank you! Thank you to our current Phoenix Family, thank you to our future Phoenix Family, thank you to any and all parents / students who have been following our journey!

As we start to take our leap and spread our wings far and wide, we hope that everyone makes the jump with us and rises like the Phoenix I know you all can be! 

~ Miss Kaylee

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