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Kaylee Balceiwcz
Owner / Instructor

Kaylee began dancing at the age of five at her hometown dance studio, Northern Explosion Dance Studio, under the direction of Heather Torno-Roux. From the age of 8 until now she has competed as a soloist, duo partner and team dancer at the Northeast Clogging Competition and Convention (or NECC). As a soloist, she won Overall Grand Champion twice, once in 2012, and then in 2016. As a duo partner, she won Overall in the category twice, in 2011 and 2016. As a teammate, she won numerous first places, and Overall of the entire competition twice, in 2013 and 2014.
It was clogging that sparked her passion for dance and her dream of becoming an instructor. She started assisting in classes at the young age of 13, which further proved how much she wanted to be a dance teacher. At the age of 18, she made the leap from assistant to instructor, and since then has taught competitive clogging ranging from ages 2 to Adult, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Her love for all her students is shown in every class as she challenges them to be the best dancer and person they can be.
As a clogging instructor, she has taken over a dozen routines to NECC and each won first place. Her highest level team also won Overall of the entire competition, just as she did when she was their age, in 2017. That same team also auditioned for America’s Got Talent in New York City that same year. Kaylee and her teammates did the same back in 2013. She says she challenges and pushes her students the way she would have wanted to be challenged and pushed when she was a competitive dance student.
When not dancing, Kaylee loves to be with her friends and family, as well as reading, hiking, and going to the beach. She fundraises every year for Camp Kita, a summer camp that helps children that have been effected by suicide. She also has participated in “Let’s Dance With the Stars”, a fundraiser for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program similar to the television program “Dancing with the Stars” where several community celebrities dance with local instructors and all proceeds go to MCCP. Kaylee and her partner placed fourth out of eight couples in 2017.
Outside of dance, Kaylee is an assistant preschool teacher, with a two year certification in Early Childhood Education, a program she completed while still in high school. She is also certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED.


Danielle Doty
Assistant in Pee Wee Competition Clogging, Hip Hop Junior & Inferno Elite Flame

Danielle has been a dancer for 11 years. She has competed for 7 years as a soloist, duo partner and team dancer. She has competed in different states around the U.S. As a solo competitor she has placed 4 times with different solos and has been on a placing streak (getting placed 1st-3rd) for 5 years in a row. Danielle has been a part of the elite team for 4 years and competes with them on numerous occasions. Danielle has assisted since the age of 13 and loves to be with all of the wonderful kiddos. As a competitive clogger she has big intentions of pursuing the occupation of a national clogging instructor and one day hopes to own her own studio. As an assistant Danielle hopes to make your child feel as comfortable and welcome into the Phoenix family as she can! She wants to take her love and passion for dance and pass it on to as many people she possibly can, it is important to her that your young boy/girl feels confident and welcome as soon as they step foot into our studio. She has been apart of the team that won overall high score at Northeast Clogging Competition and auditioned for America’s Got Talent 3 years ago. Outside of dance Danielle likes to hangout with friends and spend lots of time with family. She also like to go for walks in her spare time. Danielle is an honors student at Massabesic High School, she cares very deeply about her academic status. Danielle is a dancer that wants to spread her love of dance on to others and share the very same passion she has!

Delaney Allard
Assistant in Younger Princess Combo, Tot Competition Clogging & Inferno Elite Flame

Delaney started her dancing career at age five. Her love for clogging was immediate. She loves the challenge the sport brings year after year. She started competing at age six with her team and at age seven she began her solo career. Her very first solo was Fabulous from High School Musical and received second place. From that moment she never wanted to leave the stage.
As a soloist she has been awarded five first place trophies and has earned the honor of being awarded overall high score in the solo category in 2019. Delaney has also been awarded over all high score duo twice, once with Miss Kaylee and once with Katrina. Delaney is very proud of all her accomplishments however, there is one that brings her the most joy and pride. Delaney and her team won first place in 2017 for Bangarang and this routine also won overall high score for the entire NECC competition. The bond that she and her teammates built that year will never be forgotten. Delaney holds this very close to heart. This same team and routine had the opportunity to audition for America’s Got Talent in New York City. Delaney and her team have competed in several states and competitions.
Delaney has also been part of a performance team for the past eight years. She has performed at so many fun places like, Storyland, Alfred Festival, Pumpkin Festival, Fryburg Fair.
Delaney started assisting competitive clogging classes in 2016. This opportunity is when she knew she wanted to be a dance teacher. She enjoys teaching the kids new steps and routines. Delaney enjoys the time she spends with all the students and the memories they create in their classes. Her favorite part is seeing the students show off all their hard work on stage at competitions.
Delaney is a sophomore at Noble High School. When not at the studio she likes to spend time with her friends and family. She loves camping, the beach, and going to concerts.
Delaney hopes to share her love and passion for dance with all students as they are welcomed into the Phoenix family.

Katrina Mathews
Assistant in Older Princess Combo & Competition Clogging Teen

Katrina started dancing when she was four years old and discovered a passion for clogging that has grown stronger over the years. Her first solo appearance was at The North East Clogging Competition when she was seven years old. She danced to, “Party in the USA”, and was honored to receive a second place trophy.
The excitement of dance, the thrill of performance, and the love of her dance family have encouraged Katrina to meet each new dance challenge with enthusiasm and commitment to do her best.
Katrina loves the challenge of choreographing, practicing and perfecting her solos. She welcomes all new dancing experiences with an open mind. She has recently begun appreciating the challenge of dancing a capella, meaning to dance without music. On her first attempt she was awarded third place out of many competitors. She has also stepped out of her comfort zone to broaden her dancing experiences. She competed at the Step Up to Dance competition with her Hip Hop team. She is also very happy that she joined her teammates in learning the art of lyrical dance.
But, she gets the most gratification from performing with her dance team. She has enjoyed her duos with Delaney and is proud of their achievements together. They have received two first place trophies for their duos and one over all high score. Performing with The Elite Team has given her so many memories. One of her favorites is when the team took a trip to NYC to audition for America’s Got Talent. This was an experience that she will remember forever.
She is most comfortable at the dance studio either with her dance teams or with the students she is teaching.
This is Katrina’s third year as a dance assistant. She is always excited to meet her new students. Her goal is to teach the younger students in a way that builds their self confidence and self esteem. She is overly excited for the new dance season to begin!
Katrina is a sophomore at Noble High School. Outside of dance, Katrina likes to socialize with her friends, support her school through cheerleading, and entertaining her five siblings.

Cheyenne Couture
Assistant in Both Rockstar Combos

Cheyenne Couture started dancing at the age of three. She began competing with her dance teams at the age of six. The last few years she’s also been part of a duo, a quad and a trio. In 2017 her team placed overall grand champ and high score for Bangarang and that same year they traveled to NYC to audition for America’s Got Talent. Cheyenne has a passion for dance and loves to be at the studio with her Phoenix family. Cheyenne is so excited to go into her second year of assisting. She is ready to share her love for dance and her love for Phoenix, where everyone is welcome and considered one big family. She loves to watch the smiles on the young kids as they learn new steps and grow.
Cheyenne is currently a sophomore at Noble High School. When she isn’t dancing her other passion is Golf. She is currently in her second year on the Noble High School Golf varsity Team. Her goal is to go to college and go on the LPGA. Cheyenne also loves spending time with her family, friends and likes to spend her free time four wheeling, by the beach or pool and with friends.

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